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Canton Oral Cancer Screenings & Treatment

The statistics on oral cancer are stark. Thousands of new cases are diagnosed every year, and it claims approximately one life every hour. What’s more, half of all patients diagnosed don’t survive beyond five years. That’s because most cases aren’t currently diagnosed until they’re already well-developed.

At Canton Family Smile, we want to change that. By offering oral cancer screenings to our Canton-area patients, we want to help you diagnose and treat this serious condition early, when the chances of making a full recovery are significantly better.

Signs of Oral Cancer

During your exam, we'll look for anything that resembles a flat white or red sore. Other signs of oral cancer include:

Oral Cancer Treatment

If we find anything during your exam, Dr. Shoukfeh will begin working on your treatment immediately. Most cases of oral cancer occur in patients who use tobacco or drink alcohol excessively, but a growing number of cases in women and men alike have been linked to the Human papillomavirus (HPV). If you notice any changes to your smile in between appointments, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Do you want to learn more about oral cancer screenings? Call Canton Family Smile with your questions or to schedule an appointment. Dr. Shoukfeh is happy to offer oral cancer screenings to patients from Canton, Westland, Romulus, Redford, Ann Arbor, and all nearby communities.

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